Artificial Insemination Sheaths are the perfect tool for insemination cattle, they are designed for use with artificial insemination guns. We, Newtek Instruments, after a lot of research and development, developed a unique type of A.I. Sheath, which can be compatible with both medium/mini straws. We offer high quality standard A.I. Guns for professional insemination.

Our Sheath features:

  • A.I. Sheaths are made from Medical Grade Non-Toxic PVC Material and meet all international standards and parameters.
  • They are colourless, uniformly smooth, straight and transparent throughout the length.
  • Because of its design and flexible shaft, it facilitates optimum navigation and placement in the female reproductive tract and helps aid in semen expulsion, with no semen backflow in chamber/sheath.
  • These universal A.I. Sheath ensures better compatibility with medium/mini straws.
  • Made in India
  • Dimensions
Length443 mm.                    (+/- 2 mm.)
Outer Diameter4.50 mm.                   (+/- 0.15 mm.)


  • The AI Sheaths can also be supplied in customized packing based on order.
  • The A.I. Sheath can only be used once i.e they are not re-usable.